Design is not only making the matters and objects beautiful. It is about designing services and products thus bringing a significant competitive advantage to the companies when the end user is in the centre. What will come to marketing and communication, the good design brings surplus value to the brand of the company. I design solutions to the staff of companies as well as into the customers' use. My objective is to reduce the threshold of small and medium-sized companies to use design in its operation.

Digitalization affects the supply of design services. The opportunities it brings together with the use of design tools is able give birth to new business models, to products, services and processes from which both the companies and their customers benefit. It helps companies to catch new customers, to sell more, to serve better and to operate faster, more well and more effectively. The starting point to the use of digitalization is questioning of the old operation of the company.

I can offer the following sectors of the design services to You and to your company:

Product design

Product design is about designing a product which is industrially made based on ergonomics, usability, aesthetic character. All this with the optimal production costs being though. Product design also refers to the planning of the digital products and of their user interfaces.

Conceptualization and design management

Conceptualization means the sketching and visualization of the future service or product. With the visualization image and with the prototypes a customer understanding and collecting of the user experience at the first stage are eased and the view of the whole team on which final product is being striven for is unified. Conceptualization materials can be used for example in a testing, negotiations and marketing.

Design management is an operations model. The whole company image is edited and controlled in the desired direction, as an objective to create a clear and individual company image. We create the competitive advantage with its help to the operation of the company. When design management is given into use of the company it means to be distinguished from the competitors and a quality standard raised in all operation.

Service design

With the methods of the service design an end user is brought to the centre of designing of the service. This way an attempt is made to understand end customers and to respond to their needs however, thinking commercially and objectively. In the service design ideas, solutions and innovations which are developed further together with the customers and the interest groups with different methods are created. The outcome meets both the users' needs and the commercial objectives of the company: quality, permanence, satisfaction, functioning, aesthetic character and natural usability.

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